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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Safe and Sound

Well, we made it back from a wonderful trip down to San Antonio, TX and Tularosa, NM. We both managed to get sick on the trip (stupid recycled airplane air), but still had a really great time. Here are some pictures of our trip.

The River Walk in San Antonio is so beautiful.

The 9 1/2 hour drive from San Antonio into New Mexico was, well, calming. (That's code for: there is NOTHING in western Texas!!)

As we were coming through the mountains in New Mexico (in Cloudcroft, NM I believe), the sun was setting and it was absolutely stunning.

We had such a great time seeing Will's parents in New Mexico. As usual, their horses kept me fully entertained...

Here, he looks like a racing machine....strong, powerful, full of energy...

Here, he looks like our dogs have been teaching him the "my back itches" trick...

Not sure if you're aware, but Will is a dentist in his spare time. He diagnosed that this horse needs to brush his teeth.

Either Ed and Mary are REALLY strong or that jockey (David) doesn't weigh much...

This horse here took a liking to me. I won't lie...I kind of liked her too, she's sweet.

Ed doing his thing -- he actually looks like he knows what he's doing, doesn't he?! :-)
And then there's me doing my thing...

Okay, so maybe I don't so much know what I'm doing! I wasn't so confident that my one riding experience when I was maybe 13 was enough to make me a pro, so Will led me and the horse around. Hehehe.

Thanks for everything Ed and Mary -- we really had a great time!!