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Monday, March 21, 2011

Marriage Monday: How Can We Be "We" Without Me?

This is Brett and Jennifer, my friends for the past 14 years!! Brett and Jennifer will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary in about a week....AWESOME example of a great marriage!! Congratulations you two! :)

For the past few weeks I've really had a specific topic on my heart for Marriage Monday and as I've been thinking about it, I found it so interesting that my super inspiring friend, Jessie, also blogged about the topic and then Sunday's sermon at church was also on the same subject....must mean I'm meant to share it!

Before you read on in my post, take a second to read what my friend, Jessie, says in her blog post HERE. (And if you love it, which I know you will, add her blog to your bookmarks because she constantly has a way of saying some pretty intensely important things in that adorable way of hers that makes you want to come back for more!!)

In her post, she talks about finding the "you" in you and being so happy and content with the person God created you to be....and I LOVE that.

And here's how I've been thinking about that in terms of can we really have the marriage God has planned for us if we're more worried about making ourselves into something or someone we're not?? If we think we're not pretty enough, or funny enough, or smart enough, we'll spend all our time focusing on a sad attempt at being someone we're not and miss out on just living with the one person who loves us for who we really are. Can I be bold enough to repeat the last half of that sentence?? ...we'll spend all our time focusing on a sad attempt at being someone we're not and miss out on just living with the one person who loves us for who we really are.

In yesterday's church service, Pastor Sean took this concept even further when he talked about the importance of focusing on our own personal relationship with God. And when we do that, the character of God will become our, peace, patience, forgiveness, kindness, etc. I believe that when we have the characteristics of God, we naturally 1) begin to love ourselves because we understand that we are exactly as He created us to be, and 2) almost by default, have marriages that last because we love God, love ourselves, and treat our spouse with love, peace, patience, forgiveness, kindness, etc.

Let me see if I can summarize this... We (our marriage) can't be a true, honest, real "we" if one or both of the "me's" aren't true, honest and real. And I/you can't be a true, honest and real "me" until we see ourselves as God sees us. Make sense? It starts with me. It starts with you.

THIS WEEK'S SUGGESTED CONVERSATION TOPIC: (This is a toughy, but a goody.) Share with your spouse or fiance one nugget of your persona (the you that others see) that you know isn't really you. And then, once you've shared, ask your spouse to hold you accountable to being true to yourself in that specific area. The freedom you find in being "you" will blow you away...and I'd wager that your marriage/relationship will be better for it as well!