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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vacation leads to a litte deep thinking

The freedom that comes from getting on one of these...

...and NOT turning the power on to one of these... a beautiful thing!! I LOVE VACATION!!!

So we've been on vacation now for 4 days and I've been thinking a lot about something. I have a great job and I'm very grateful for it. But here's the question...does the job create stress in my life or do I allow it to take control of consume me? I don't know that I have a good answer. I do believe that certain jobs naturally are more stressful and harder on the employees. But I also believe that no matter what my job is, I should do it as unto God -- do the job like I'm doing it for Him. So that means giving it 100%. Apparently my problem is that I have a hard time giving 100% without also allowing it to stress me out. I need to work on this -- I need to be better at finding outlets (like working out) to relieve the stress in my life instead of waiting for a vacation to relax me. It's just not healthy. What about you? Do you have any good advice for lessening the stress in your life?

On a lighter note, vacation has been wonderful and very relaxing. (As you may have noticed from the above paragraph, I needed this!!) The great state of Texas has been great to us so far!! (It's 75 degrees -- in March -- while it's 30 degrees back home -- need I say more??) :-)

More pictures of our trip at a later time. A special thank you to our wonderful and generous friends who are staying at our house, protecting our homestead and the 2 furry munchkins, while we're away. We appreciate you!!


Anonymous said...

Fun Pics! The story started out on a high amount of fun and humor and then BAM...went to some really serious deep thought and life transforming questions. I am not prepared to deal with such life issues before my morning coffee. So calm down, and I will get back to you!

Love your guts!