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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Me

I saw another blog this week where the author put together a list of some of the random things about her. I thought it was entertaining and realizing that I'm full of random traits, thought I'd give it a go....

  • I have been drinking coffee every morning since I was in jr. high. It's become such a comfort routine for me. It makes me think of my Mom and our morning coffee and talks together.
  • I can't go into a store and buy only one item as it feels like a waste of time (standing in line) and a waste of the swipe of the credit card. Even if I love the item, but can't find anything else that I have to have, I'll walk out empty handed.
  • I cannot stand dishes or anything at all in our kitchen sink. It drives me crazy.
  • I make lists for EVERYTHING. Sometimes I make them just so I can cross off things that I've already completed.
  • I can't swim -- I can't even tread water or float on my back. And yet thanks to my brother Russ who taught me to waterski, I love being in the water and have learned to trust the life jacket. Thank goodness because I can't imagine missing out on amazing experiences like snorkeling in Cancun and Hawaii!
  • I wasn't a candidate for lasik surgery, so I have contact lenses surgically implanted under my corneas. (Unbelievable!! Let me know if you have questions about it -- I'm a HUGE fan!!)
  • I spill. All the time. I'm not picky about what I spill on myself, but coffee tends to be the most common offender.
  • When I wear my hair straight, I play with and twist the left side of my hair all day long. When I curl my hair, I don't touch it. Weird.
  • I don't take criticism well. I'm such a pleaser and I'm a perfectionist, so if I get criticized, I feel like I've done something wrong and I've let you down. This is a bad trait, I know.
  • I could give a speech to a stadium full of people and not get remotely nervous. If a small group of my friends or co-workers, however, throw me a surprise party and make me give a speech, you'll see me turn a million shades of red. The intimate settings make me WAY more nervous.

I'm sure there are MANY, MANY more that I'm just not thinking of right now. I'd be very interested to hear about any of your random-ness...please share!


The Greens said...

I am SO glad to know about the dishes pre-DC trip! I COMPLETELY understand! I am the same way but try not to bring my anal tendencies into others spaces. Good to know they will be welcome!!!