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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Great Out(in)doors!!

Dear winter --- you and your cold, windy weather can't stop us from our fun!! We win!! Sincerely, Will, Stacey, Bailey and Kelsee

We packed up all our camping gear and made the long journey to the forest of our living room for a night of camping! Complete with the tent, the sleeping mats, sleeping bags and both dogs, we settled in for the night.

Post Adventure Thoughts:

- I'm not as young as I once was -- my back was not so fond of sleeping on the floor.
- The three person tent that we thought would be PLENTY big is not nearly big enough when you have Brunhilda the dog (Kelsee) sleeping with you. I woke up once having been pushed clear to the edge, breathing tent fabric.
- It's much easier to start a fire in a gas fireplace than by rubbing two sticks together in the great outdoors. But it's not nearly as fun.
- Bailey is not a fan of the fact that my sleeping bag only fits one person (and no dogs). She kept trying to wiggle her way in, but to no avail. :-)
- I'm super excited for the spring when we can put our backpacks on and go out and show nature what we've learned!!
- I have the most amazing husband EVER! We have so much fun. I love him.