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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ode to The Ark

Well, I can't write a symphony to honor Ms. Nora on her birthday, but I can reprint something I wrote for her years ago when we first moved away from each other...

I miss coming home to my best friend every night.
I miss waking up to my best friend every morning (across the hall, of course!)
I miss bending down to put my make-up on while you stand behind me to dry your hair.
I miss having you help me fix my hair or put my eyeshadow on.

I miss peaking through windows to see the neighbor girl make out with her boyfriend.
I miss going to see a movie with you, Adam and Chad --- and Chad turning it into a sermon.
I miss driving "all the way" to Checkers together to get dinner.
I miss dancing to Shania Twain in the living room.
I miss dancing to Shania Twain in the car.

I miss you laying your head in my lap while I play with your hair and sing to you.
I miss sitting in the stands at the River Bandits game cheering for Timmy.
I miss my cell phone falling through my pants onto the field at the Steamwheelers game.
I miss sitting at the dining room table for hours with you, Chad and Adam.
I miss laughing until I literally think my stomach will explode.

I miss sliding down the waterslide in Tucson, AZ.
I miss giving Chad girl advice while he and Adam get wasted on orange juice.
I miss Scottcho driving us crazy.
I miss calling you the minute anything in my life happens, no matter how small.
I miss you calling me the minute anything in your life happens, no matter how small.

I miss seeing you trip over my hair dryer cord every morning.
I miss laying on your bed and seeing how depressed we can make ourselves.
I miss your hugs when I need them.
I miss making your coffee every morning.
I miss hearing "GREEN!"
I miss dragging you down the street on your roller blades.
I miss dragging you around the ice rink on your ice skates.
I miss having you to talk to about everything.
I miss having you close and you knowing all the details of my life.
I miss having you close and knowing all the details of your life.

I miss waiting in line to take a shower.
I miss complaining that you haven't packed for a week long trip when we leave in an hour.
I miss walking to Whitey's.
I miss you knowing the real Stacey and loving me in spite of that.
I miss knowing that you need me.
I miss hearing you laugh.
I miss seeing you every day.
I miss going everywhere together.
I miss some of the best times of my entire life.

I miss my best friend.
I miss you.

Ark, those words mean more to me today than ever. No matter how far apart we live or how much time has passed since we last talked, you hold such a special place in my heart that no one will ever replace. I love you with all my heart and treasure our friendship so very dearly. I hope your birthday today is amazing and you get spoiled rotten by all those you love.

Happy Birthday, ARK!
Love, Green.