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Monday, January 27, 2014

Denver, CO Wedding Photography: Back in the Saddle Again

Will and I this summer in one of our very favorite places, doing one of our very favorite things. Will grew up on this ranch in Montana and we treasure our time there every chance we get.  Getting "back in the saddle," for us, is a really great thing!

Will and I spent a lot of time this weekend looking at our business and making big plans for 2014.  We are so excited about the upcoming year and can't wait to work with the amazing couples we've already met and become friends with and also those we have yet to meet.  We have so many ideas for making your experience with us as your wedding photographers even better yet, so get ready!

One of the things we looked at was this blog.  Yikes.  Almost two years since I've blogged (I say with a red, humiliated face).  I'm honestly not sure why this fell off my radar.  I actually really love to write, it's another creative outlet for me.  And writing about weddings, love, marriage...well that's just bliss.  So needless to say, I'm excited about getting back in the blogging saddle again.  I'm excited to share gorgeous images of our couples and even some insight into who Will and I are and why we love this job so very much.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be doing some catch up of some of our favorite sessions from the last few years that deserve to be seen.  I hope you'll come back and enjoy them with me!