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Friday, July 16, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

Dear Wyoming, I can't believe that I've never visited you before. You are GORGEOUS!!!

On our way to visit Will's family in Montana, he surprised me with a night in Cody, Wyoming and then we spent the whole next day touring Yellowstone National Park. It was amazing. I was in awe of it's beauty. Below are some pictures, but honestly, they just don't do it justice. Something you absolutely have to see in person to truly appreciate it's massive size and unbelievable beauty.

The girls got to join us on this adventure and they had such a good time. They were great travelers, but especially liked it when we found spots for them to get out and play.

My first moose sighting ever!! I was pretty excited....excited enough that Will had to call me back and remind me not to get too close because they are still wild animals and may decide to get angry with me. Oh ya....I forgot about that!! ;-)

Do you see the grizzly in the left picture?? AMAZING!!

Both of these are black bears. I kept asking the one on the right to show me his/her face, but no luck....way more into finding food than posing for me.

Another play time. They both get a kick out of the waves and like to chase them.

The left picture is behind the cabin that we stayed at in Cody, Wyoming. What a gorgeous location.

I love the picture on the right. A line of cars miles long and those baby buffalo just don't seem to care!! :-)

Hahaha. This picture pretty much summarizes the trip. If only I could have also captured Will driving.

Thanks, Yellowstone! We will definitely be back to see you!!

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Michael Barton said...

Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. What kind of camera are you using?

Stacey Kyler said...

Thanks, Michael. I shot these images with my Canon 40D.