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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Montana: Part 2

Pictures from our time on the ranch...

Grandma leading Maria (the horse) and Sean out for a ride.

Kelsee and Bailey met horses for their very first time. HILARIOUS! In the beginning, they were intrigued and scared to death of the VERY BIG DOGS all at the same time. Throughout the week, they got much more accustomed to the huge creatures and then they just wanted to play with them! :-)

LEFT: How adorable is Sean on that horse? That saddle was Will and Ryan's when they were little fellas!
CENTER: Sean feeding the horse....and managing quite fine on his own.
RIGHT: Bailey says, "HEY BIG hurt that little boy and I'm not afraid to take you down!"

I love this picture. I find it hilarious that the two people who need help getting ready to ride are me and Sean!!! :-) Sean says to me, "Aunt Stacey, we are both riding horses!!!" I reply, "I know, Sean, how fun is that!!??" To which he replies, "RIDE 'EM COWBOY!!!!" HAHAHAHA. Man, I love that kid.

Katie and I showing the rest of the family how it's done. HAHAHA....YA RIGHT! Maybe, just maybe we've got a little left to learn before we could be trusted on our own. :-)

Rylan and Sean showing us how to bribe the horses into good behavior. ;-)

LEFT: Ryan and Katie's amazing and beautiful family.
CENTER: JoElla showing us how it is REALLY done.
RIGHT: Sean and his unbelievable cuteness.

Just in case you missed how truly amazing this family is, here is a close-up!!

Bailey and Kelsee learned how chase us on the 4-wheelers and the Kuboda. In case you can't tell, Kelsee pretty much loved it!

Sean won't let us call him any cute nicknames like Seaners or Seanerific. He explains quite adamantly that those are little boy names and then insists that we refer to him only as Sean "BIG BOY" Kyler. :-) Well, Sean "BIG BOY" Kyler, you have some pretty funny facial expressions...

Kelsee, Molly and Bailey wait to greet Will and I when we return from a 4-wheeler ride.

While we were there, we celebrated Molly's 1st birthday!! She is SUCH a sweet baby girl. I can't wait to watch her grow up and see that little personality develop.

LEFT: "Seriously, Grandma, you shouldn't have!!"
RIGHT: "But I suppose since you did, no harm in checking this weird stuff out."

LEFT: "Not really sure how you eat this stuff....guess I'll just shove it in!"
RIGHT: "WOW! What is this stuff? And why have I never had it before??"

LEFT: "I love you so much, Mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this delicious stuff!"
RIGHT: "Seriously, it's, try some!"

LEFT: "No, you don't want it? Okay by me....I'll just eat it all myself!"
RIGHT: "Don't judge me, Aunt Stacey, I know you want some of my cake!"

Oh, I have been so blessed with such a great family. Love you all!!!!

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Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

AWESOME!!!! I seriously LOVE these pictures! You are amazing. Can you please come on every family vacation/outing with us just to document it with your beautiful work? Please? My kids miss you dearly, as do I. Love you!

Stacey Kyler said...

Thanks, Katie! And YES, I can absolutely come on all your family vacations.....where we goin' next?? :-) Miss you guys so much too!!