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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

As if you haven't seen enough pictures of white from me already, here are even more! I'm not positive, but we're guessing that we've gotten over 2 feet of snow between yesterday and today. Although beautiful, the weight of the snow is pulling branches and trees down. The photo below (right) is the very large tree in our backyard that is now suspended over the street, held up only by another tree in the yard.

Left: beautiful tree in our front yard Middle: Thank goodness Bailey's brown, or we would have lost her out there! :-) Right: Same fallen tree

Superhero Kelsee bursts through the snow drift to rescue her sister! ;-)

Left: Bailey has a little more trouble conquering the drifts than Kelsee does Right: Kelsee attempts a u-turn...more complex than usual

Me and Kels -- Bailey refused to join us for the picture. She was too tired of the high snow by that point.

Kelsee posing with the ever popular "snow on nose" look.

Girls running under downed tree. Maybe not the smartest thing I've ever let them do.

And my favorites. I think Kelsee got confused and thought she was swimming...

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