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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Announcement and the Business Plan

Will and I have had quite the eventful last couple of months, but we are excited to finally share our news. Will has been offered a new job in Denver, CO and has accepted the position. We are so, so, so thrilled about this new journey in our lives. We are excited for SIGNIFICANTLY less traffic, the incredibly beautiful mountains, an abundance of outdoor activities for us and the dogs, and being within driving distance to virtually all of our family (sorry Ryan and Katie, Seattle will still be quite the haul!!).

There are many things about the D.C. area that we will miss terribly, but mainly our amazing friends that have become our family away from home. We have spent many holidays, birthdays, special events and on and on with our D.C. family. We have been so blessed by the amazing people in our lives here and I have no doubt that they will be friends for life. I certainly hope that frequent Denver ski vacations are in their futures!! :-)

For my incredible clients:

-- I will continue to book clients until 2 weeks before our move date, giving myself time to finish all client work and get the house packed and ready for the move. Tentatively (as the move date is not yet final), my last scheduled session will be Friday, March 5. If you've been considering setting up a session, now is the time to do it!

-- (In my best infomercial voice) BUT WAIT! If setting up a session in the next month doesn't work for you, there is another option. I will be returning to the D.C. area periodically for weddings that I have booked, etc. I will post those dates on my photography website ( and on this blog as they are approaching so additional clients can book sessions while I am in town. Stay tuned for those dates!

-- I will most definitely be taking my photography business with me to Colorado, so if you have friends and/or family out there, please spread the word!

Okay, so now for pictures. We have found a house and currently have it under contract. I hesitate to say it's "our" house because until the papers are signed at closing, you can never be certain. With that said, I did take a few pictures of the house and surrounding area while we were out there in January. Out of respect for the privacy of the current owners, I won't post pictures of the inside of their home, but here are a few others....

So this is it! I won't lie, for us, it's pretty much perfect. The house is amazing with a great kitchen for entertaining (and heaven knows, we love to entertain!!). It has a nice community feel, but still plenty of open space on 3 sides of the house. There are MILES of hiking trails right near the house -- the dogs will be in heaven....and maybe we just might enjoy them too!! ;-) The basement is completely unfinished, so we are already starting to make plans for finishing it. And probably best of all, it's a 15 minute commute to Will's work!!

The house sits at 7500 feet. My daily run with the dogs will probably have to start with short walks until I can get my "sea level" lungs adjusted to the altitude. I got winded just walking up the stairs when we were viewing the home....sad, but true. This is the beautiful view standing in the driveway.
The interstate is conveniently about 3 miles from the house. Headed west, and under an hour and a half away, are fantastic ski locations like Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and Vail. Sure am glad Dad taught me to ski on the ginormous "mountains" of Illinois -- Colorado will have nothing on me!!! ;-)

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Jill S said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I am sooo jealous of the views, and so excited for your new venture in Colorado

Maybe once everything calms down for us we can plan a trip out to see you guys and we can ski together. All we have around here are smaller "mountains" than Illinois has! If you come through northern Indiana on your way, let us know...we would love to see you!

lsalsa said...

So excited for you! But sad to see you go! The house looks great and the views are stunning! We have friends in Colorado Springs, not sure how far that is, but I'll give her your info regardless! Hope to see you before you leave! Leslie

Jodi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We will miss you more than we can say, but are thrilled for this new adventure you are undertaking. We love you dearly - and we can't wait to come out to Denver and see your new place, enjoy some great skiing, and eat Will's famous tacos. Take lots of pictures! :)

Diana Mead said...

Stacey I'm so happy for you and Will....what a great house and a beautiful place to move to. Maybe some day we can take a trip out to see you. Mark and I have been wanting to do a road trip to Colorado/Montana area for sometime with our kids.

Black Photography said...

Yeah... you will be closer to us!