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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Good Laugh :-)

While I was in Dallas my Mom brought me a stack of pictures of myself as a child. I got quite the good giggle out of them (as did the rest of our family), so thought maybe they would be fun to's okay to laugh too, I don't mind! :-)

It's no wonder Christmas is my favorite time of year, just look at this! It appears I was quite the domestic diva at this age with my grocery cart full of pretend food....hmm, I wonder at what age I lost that gifting???

Based on the picture on the far right, I just can't fathom why I didn't have modeling agencies knocking down our door! I mean, come on, who doesn't want a pre-teen model with big hair, even bigger glasses, a clear sense of fashion AND that has the ability to hold a fake flower next to a fake tree and make it look so natural????? I was robbed! ;-)

Too funny. Have a great weekend!!

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Jill S said...

I love them!!! I remember that gold chair being upstairs in the living room. I always love looking at all the old phots at moms house and with Grandma. These pics remind of us as youngersters growing up and I think I inhereited your big glass love :)
Lova ya!!!

AshleyR said...

Bottom right - I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I'm dying here, fancy pants!!! :-)

Love you, miss you, see you soon.

Jodi said...

These are awesome!!! Got to love the good old family photos. ;)