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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Welcome to my newly designed blog!! I want to give a big shout out and "thank you" to Ms. Ellie at Rainy Day Templates who helped me with the design and taught me, "Ms. HTML Code Illiterate", how to put on all the finishing touches (which are still in progress)! She was fantastic to work with and was super fast....oh, to have the brains for stuff like this!! :-)

The greatest part about this new blog format is that I can show you much larger images. And, really, who doesn't want to see these faces as large as possible?? Hehehe. ;-)

I'll be back soon with new client photos! Until then, good night!

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Ellie said...

Oh, thanks so much for the lovely shout out. But clearly you hustled're an HTML pro!

I love all the touches you've added - looks really great.

Now carry on! =)

The Greens said...

Crap Kyler,

I gotta say the site looks phenomenal. I pretty much love it. :) You and Ellie did a sick job. I am looking forward to seeing all the new amazing client photos and looking even more forward to your arrival to the big T - X. We are going to have the best time ever. Lola went crazy when she found out the dates. We're all ringin in the new year together baby. WHEW. . . 2010 here we come!!!!!!!! Love you, CG