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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The End...or A New Beginning?

Will and I just found out yesterday that our house has officially sold. Wow. Part of me is so sad because of all the wonderful things that this house has represented to us. The other part of me is so excited to see what great things are in store for can be sure that whatever/wherever that ends up being, there will be a large fenced in back yard for our munchkins to play in!! :-)

When I heard the news yesterday, I got a little sentimental and walked through the house taking pictures of some of my very favorite parts of the house --- things that may not seem like much to anyone else, but that make my heart swell with happiness when I think about them. Bare with me as I document these things here so that I never forget.

Front door:
- The joy I feel each time I come home.
- How welcoming and warm I think our house is.
- Remembering how excited we were the first time we viewed the house before buying.

:-) The entry way:
- The box of dog collars and leashes reminding me of the girls.
- We got both Bailey and Kelsee while living in this house.
- How excited the girls are when we come home...Bailey break dances and Kelsee wiggles her bum and tail like a crazy girl.

The hardwood floors:
- I remember sitting on these floors in the empty house the first time we visited and telling Will that I could already see how it would be decorated.
- The way the dogs love sprawling out on the cool floors after playing outside in the heat.

Living Room:
- My brother, Chad, built all these cabinets, shelves, multi-media area and laid the marble on and below the fireplace.
- The many beautiful Christmas trees that have made this room glow over the years and the stockings that hung from this fireplace.

- Without a doubt, my favorite room of the house, I love how bright and happy it is.
- Every holiday and party, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time.
- Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts together that last for hours...especially when Scott is here with us!! :-)

Spare Bedroom:
- Bailey and Kelsee consider this to be their room. They lay on the bed and watch the world outside.
- Over the years that we've lived here, we've had 8 different friends/family members live in this room while they saved up to buy their own place or other various reasons. This represents the true heart of this house. We truly believe this house was a blessing and we vowed to bless others with it. I hope we accomplished that task.

And now....we will move on to something new. A new beginning of sorts. I have no doubt that the memories and life events will be just as good or better....but I will always love and remember this house.


The Greens said...


We are so excited for you guys and the next phase of your lives. As two and a half of the eight who have stayed in that room, we have to say that we are sad as well. Your home has been more than a blessing. It is a place of peace, joy, love and an expression of the true heart of God. Also a place with killer taco salad pizza and hearty Montana Steaks. WHEW. . . . I think we may be back. :)

We love you guys!