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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recipe for Perfection

Saturday. Sunny. Warm. Hiking. Will. Bailey and Kelsee. What more could a girl ask for? It's the recipe for a perfect day. Some quotes from our day... :-)

Bailey and Kelsee to Will: "Why does Mom always make us stop for dumb pictures?"

Will, Stacey, Bailey & Kelsee: "Really? Snow? In 65 degree weather? Weird. But beautiful."

Bailey to Will: "That feels good...oh, up a, down and to the right..."
Kelsee to Stacey: "Are you kidding me? We had to stop our hike for this??"

Kelsee to Bailey: "Look sister, I can even do tricks and we're still faster than Mom!!"

Bailey to Will: "Dad, it's cross the river like this..."

Kelsee to Bailey: "Sister, get out of my way, it's my turn!"
Stacey to anyone who would listen: "Noooooooooooo!!!!"
(Bailey took quite the tumble, but jumped up like nothing had happened. Whew!)

Kelsee thinks to herself: "Maybe she's faster because her tail is shorter??"

Bailey and Kelsee to the tune from Dukes of Hazzard: "YEE HAW!!"

Stacey: "I LOVE SPRING!!!"

Bailey: "My mom's a weirdo...I don't know her right now."

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Find reasons to be'll be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Your such a love! Thanks for the post! I want a opy of the last print for my dresser!!! Seriously! 5x7 please...

Love your guts,