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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's A Hard Knock Life

Do you ever have a day when you've just worked so hard, you know, playing hide and seek and stuff like that...

...that when your day is done, you're just so exhausted that you can't even muster to continue chewing your bone...and you just fall asleep???

Ya, me too. Life is rough.

(Please forgive my numerous posts of nothing but the dogs...we really lead an exhilarating life, huh!!)


Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

I know how you feel Bailey! Hope you are able to fit in some "me time" in your busy schedule. :)

Stacey Kyler said...

Katie, I really appreciate your empathy. I want to remind you, though, that I have a little sister...she makes finding "me time" almost impossible. Can I come visit you so I can have a break? Love, Bailey

Anonymous said...

Stacy it's your long lost friend Diana from Iowa....Jennifer gave me your blog look great and your dogs are pretty cute too. I heard you got married love to catch up. Email me at or I'm on Facebook if you have a page.