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Friday, July 30, 2010

Denver Pet Photographer: 2 German Shepherds

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I adore photographing dogs. I get more smooches on these photo shoots than any other!! :-) This client contacted me about having their two German Shepherds photographed as a surprise for her husband's birthday. She is having a collage of images framed for him. So nice, right!!

These dogs were just amazing and so well behaved to sit for me while I took their picture. I won't lie, though, I got some great snuggles and kisses from them and my girls were somewhat jealous when I got home with the scent of other dogs on me. :-)

Meet Shiloh (left) and Gunner (right)

This is Gunner, male and the eldest. He's the boss.

This is Shiloh, female and the younger sister. Check out the picture on the right...hilarious! Maybe not a mantle photo, but it sure does make me laugh. Anyone who thinks dogs don't have their own unique personalities is dead wrong....Shiloh would like you to rethink that opinion! :-)

Play time!

They were a little hot after playing, but I love this picture. Aren't those rocks in their yard great!!

Sally, thank you so much for contacting me!! I had such a great time meeting both you and the pups!!

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Joy said...

Challange to you: capture Maisy without it looking like a blurry whirlwind!! Nice job with these pups - they're gorgeous!

Stacey Kyler said...

Hahaha! I accept said challenge! We might get more "action" shots than sitting down, but we can do it! :-)