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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sean!!

Today is our nephew Sean's birthday and he is 3 years old!!! Happy birthday, little buddy!! Your Uncle Will and Aunt Stacey love you very much! It's hard to believe you're already 3 years are growing up into such a big boy!! We can't wait to hear how super duper fast you can run in your new Lightning McQueen tennis shoes!! ;-) Hugs and kisses to you!!!!

(These pictures were taken about 8 months ago, so you can imagine how much more he's grown even since then!)

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Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

OOOOHHHHH! What a sweet post! Sean had a great birthday running around in his new shoes! And seriously playing with "DJ" for the rest of the afternoon! We love you guys and this kid is one lucky guy to have such amazing aunts and uncles!