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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bailey: "I'm Not Amused!"

Bailey loves people. I mean, she REALLY loves people. And she loves her Mama a lot. She doesn't like to be blocked away from people (me) by doors or any other type of barrier. I had a few different clients at the house on Saturday and one couple had two Beagles (pictures to come soon!). To keep the Beagles focused on my camera and not on our attention-seeking dogs, I put Bailey and Kelsee in the basement with Will. (NO, Will is not required to stay in the basement! I know you were thinking it!!!) When I was finished, I came around the corner to find this pathetic creature peaking through the cat door (the owners of this house had a cat)....

"Uh, Mom, I can see you. Why am I banished to the basement? What did I do?"

"Seriously, Mom, I want to be with you. Just look at my sad puppy dog eyes."

"I am not amused by you and that thing you are holding that flashes a bright light. I'll climb through this hole if I have to!"

:-) Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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