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Friday, October 2, 2009

Settled In or Just Plain Crazy?

We have internet at the house, which means we are connected back to the world -- YIPEE!!

Although our lives have been quite hectic for the past 2 weeks, everything is going very well and we are getting settled in the new house. Many of you have asked for pictures, but if you know me well enough, you know that I can't show you pictures until I have the place looking "just so". So, you'll have to wait on interior pics, but I can show you the outside!

(front of house as the girls sniff out all the new smells)

(view from the back deck --- LOVE the wooded area!!)

You have also been asking me how the girls are doing. Bailey has handled the whole thing like a champ as she does everything. She wasn't a fan of packing up the old house and loosing "her stuff and her room," but she loves the new house and is doing great. We were most worried about Kelsee since she is our major stresser and doesn't like anything new AT ALL. Surprisingly (and a major blessing), she has done wonderfully. I think the fact that she has a fenced in back yard, a huge empty lot next to us covered with trees, and a much quieter neighborhood has really helped. She loves it.

Lastly, just to reinforce the fact that I'm a little crazy, I thought I'd share my attempt at a recent project with you. I wanted to enter a contest with other photographers that required that I take my own self-portrait --- completely on manual settings and without any help from anyone else. In the midst of moving I, of course, procrastinated until the very last day to take my self-portrait, so ended up on our back deck looking like a complete idiot running back and forth to try and get myself in focus, etc. Let's just say I REALLY stink at this and I'm better off just sticking to taking pictures of other people!! I did not enter the contest and you can see why below. After WAY too many attempts at a decent photo I resorted to taking stupid pictures of myself just for the fun of it. Yes, I know most are not in's HARD, people!!! :-)

Happy Friday --- hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Mine is very busy, but I should have a lot of photos to share when it's over!